I am a naturopath, author and mother with over 12 years experience working with families to promote natural health care. My mission is to support women, their partners and their children in the transition to becoming a happy, healthy family unit.

A Maternity and Child Sleep Consultant works with families during all stages to develop healthy sleep habits that are age and developmentally appropriate.  I provide support, information, education and resources based on each individual family’s sleep needs, lifestyle, and culture.

I approach sleep from a health approach not as a method approach. I look at the whole entire situation within the family, from medical issues to nutrition. We learn about the health of sleep and customize the best sleep approach that suits your situation instead of trying to fit your family into a specific sleep method. I take into account your child’s temperament as well as your parenting philosophies and this holistic approach works beautifully!

Together we will come up with a plan for your family that can include any number of techniques. I prefer to work with families that want a gentler, child centered approach to sleep training rather than the traditional “controlled crying” model.

My approach is very child centered, which means the needs and temperament of your child are taken into account within the framework of your family unit.  I know from experience the impact of severe sleep deprivation and the havoc it can play on your health, relationships and emotional wellbeing.  I have been there, I understand and I can help you.

My point of difference is that I am not only a Certified Infant Sleep Consultant but also a mum, naturopath and previously a HypnoBirthing practitioner.

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